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Geofencing & Near
Real Time Alerting

Assist Pivotal understand that Intelligence led decision making is underpinned by the best available horizon scanning and geofencing capabilities. From our own work co-ordinating complex Security teams on the ground we understand just how important up to the moment information is when it comes to threat intelligence.

Pivotal’s capabilities in this area extend from enabling our clients and onsite teams to prepare for protests and demonstrations in advance of them happening.

Our ethos has always been to give our customers and our own frontline staff as much advance warning as possible of any and all external factors that may impact business as usual.

Pivotal only promote and work with a small selection of specialised partners. Our benchmark for these partners is that we only work with those we have actually battle tested and used in the heat of the moment.

  • Geofencing buildings and assets to enable constant horizon scanning & early warning
  • Near real time alerting to allow better situational awareness and to trigger crisis management plans where appropriate.
  • Intelligence led decision making for better accountability post incident and to drive continuous improvement.
  • Pivotal actively monitor the threat landscape to enable our clients to focus on business as usual.
  • Escalations and further alerting settings prevent a single point of failure if someone is off sick or not on site.
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