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Pivotal are delighted to bring our Intelligence teams best in class analytic capabilities to the disposal of our customer base. Whilst Intelligence led decision making can add value to your own employee safety and help create a risk aware culture, in todays modern world threats can come from areas outside your direct control. This makes due diligence particularly for supply chain and vendor management much more than a tick box exercise.

Whether from a cyber or physical security standpoint sophisticated criminals are looking for one thing……


Sometimes these vulnerabilities fall into the grey area between cyber and physical security. Social Engineering is a great example of this – cyber criminals will often pose as your external IT support to gain access to your network usually by requesting credentials in the guise of a known supplier or partner. Once they have that network access they can then use those credentials and set up a physical visit to site that appears legitimate.

Vulnerabilities can come from the most unlikely of areas or the most obvious. Pivotal can provide you detailed information on potential vulnerabilities within your supply chain, partner network or service providers/customer base.

Pivotal are delighted to offer prospective clients a free vulnerability audit to give guidance on where these vulnerabilities lie and how exposed you are.

What can this tell you about your organisations vulnerabilities ?

  • Cyber breaches and compromised email addresses that could be used to gain unauthorised access to your network or premises.
  • Financial risk from across your supply chain, partners and subsidiaries.
  • Vendor vulnerabilities or supply chain vulnerabilities.
  • Corporate espionage and IP or product roadmap related risk.
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