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ASG Protect ensure each project is delivered as a bespoke product and therefore, all services utilised are always tailored to your exact needs. No matter if this is for asset recovery, in-depth analysis of potential commercial partners or individuals, assistance with sensitive internal investigations, or supporting strategic risk advice.

We provide intelligence and investigations that are always delivered to your exact requirements thus ensuring support of your company’s assets, board and importantly, your companies reputation. Complete satisfaction is guaranteed.

Intelligence and Investigations Services


Recover company assets with detailed business inteligence

Our service provides dedicated support for international and domestic litigation and arbitration. Enabling the identification of assets in the context of arbitral or other legal judgements.


Investigative know how to support M&A

With business expansion and mergers and acquisitions at the forefront of company growth this service provides support to board decisions.

Assessment of counterparty reputation, integrity and track record ahead of investments, joint ventures, M&A and senior appointments; competitor analysis; influence mapping; country-focused market entry reports.


Corporate support

This area of our service covers all aspects of this complex subject. Not only to cover company assessment, but also for management team, board members or third-party associates.  By effectively analysing past performance, motivation, reputation, culture and KYC compliance, corporate control can be ensured.


Control potential malpractice

With todays ever more complicated business structures and supply chain length, corrupt behaviour is always a potential issue.

Our investigative support in connection with fraud, malpractice or corruption within an organisation or along a supply chain can be invaluable to ongoing business security.

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